Registration Info
 2023/ 2024 Season Registration Will Be Open July 15!

*Remember you will be charged upon Registering.

1st Quarter: Sept. 5th- Oct. 19th
2nd Quarter: Oct. 23rd-  Dec.  14th
3rd Quarter: Dec. 18th-  Feb. 8th
4th Quarter: Feb. 12th- April 4th

All Payments will be Charged on the Quarter Start Date for our 2nd, 3rd & 4th Quarters. . Each Quarter accounts for all Holiday Breaks.

Tuition Prices
(Number of Classes listed is accumulative per family)

Classes/ Quarterly (7 weeks)
1: $154.00
2: $287.00
3: $399.00
4: $490.00
5: $560.00
6: $630.00
7: $686.00
8: $784.00
9:  $882.00
UNLIMITED: $980.00
Full Year Annual Payment will Receive a 5% Discount! 

All Tutu's & Tiara's, Lil' Hip Hoppers/ Lil’ Tumblers Classes, Micro Elements and Creative Movement/ Tap
Classes/ Quarterly (7 weeks)
1: $91.00 
2: $182.00 
3: $273.00
4: $364.00

Studio Schedule


Monday: Studio A
Fusion 4-5:15pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga
Adv. 5 Jazz/Funk 13+ 5:15-6:15pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga
Adv. 5 Hip Hop 13+ 6:15-7:15pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga
*Adv. 5 Improv. 13+ 7:15-8pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga
Adv. 5 Lyrical/Contemp. 13+ 8-9pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga

Tuesday: Studio A
Fusion 4-5pm Kate Neumann/ Amy Arriaga
Lil’ Elements 5- 5:45pm Anna Elm
*Mini Movement Tech 5:45- 6:30 Anna Elm
Mini Movement 6:30- 7:30pm Anna Elm
*Jr. Movement Tech 7:30-8:15pm Kate Neumann
Jr. Movement 8:15-9:15pm Kate Neumann

Wednesday: Studio AFusion 4-5:15pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann
*Movement Tech 5:15-6pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann
Movement 6-7pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann 
Elements Elite 7-8pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann 
Elements Collide 8-9pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann 

Thursday: Studio AElements United 4-5pm Anna Elm
*Adv. ⅔ & ¾ Breaking 12+ 5-6pm Anna Elm
Adv.  ¾ Jazz/ Funk 12+ 6-7pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann
Adv. ¾ Lyrical/Contemp. 12+ 7-8pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann
Adv. ¾ Hip Hop 12+ 8-9pm Amy Arriaga/ Kate Neumann

*Non Performance Classes
*Schedule Subject to Change


Monday: Studio B
Tutu’s & Tiara’s 3-5 4:15-4:45pm Mila Baker
Lil’ Hip Hoppers/ Lil’ Tumblers’ 3-5 4:45-5:15pm Mila Baker
Beg. Tumbling 6-11 5:15-6pm Mila Baker
Int. Tumbling/Pom/Cheer 6+ 6-6:45pm Mila Baker
Adv. ⅔ Lyrical/Contemp. 12+ 6:45-7:45pm Anna Elm
Adv. ⅔ Hip Hop 12+ 7:45-8:45pm Anna Elm
Tuesday: Studio B
Beg. Hip Hop 6-8 4-4:45pm Anna Elm
Beg. Lyrical /Jazz 6-8 4:45-5:30pm Kate Neumann
Int. Lyrical/Jazz 9-11 5:30-6:15pm Kate Neumann
Int. Hip Hop 9-11 6:15-7pm Kate Neumann
Adult Hip Hop 16+ 7:30-8:30pm Anna Elm
Adult Jazz Funk 16+ 8:30-9:30pm Anna Elm

Wednesday: Studio BMicro Elements 5-8  (Competitive) 4-4:30pm Mila Baker
Beg. Ballet 6-8 4:30-5:15pm Mila Baker
Int./ Adv. Ballet 9+ 5:15-6:15pm Mila Baker
Adv. ½ & ⅔ Jazz/ Funk 11+ 6:15-7:15pm Anna Elm
Adv. ½ Lyrical/Jazz 11+ 7:15-8:15pm Anna Elm
Adv. ½ Hip Hop 11+ 8:15-9pm Anna Elm

Thursday: Studio BCreative Movement/Tap 3-5 4-4:30pm Mila Baker
Tutu's & Tiara's / Lil' Hip Hoppers 3-5 4:30-5:15 Mila Baker
Beg/Int./Adv. Tap 6+ 5:15-6:15pm Ellexa Hofeldt
Adult Tap 16+ 6:15-7:15pm Ellexa Hofeldt
*Competition Tech Tap 7:15-8pm Ellexa Hofeldt
Tempo Tap Company 8-9pm Ellexa Hofeldt

*Non Performance Classes
*Schedule Subject to Change

No Classes Are held On These Dates
Kalispell School District 5
We only close for these Holidays and breaks!

Monday, September 4th - Labor Day
Thursday, October 19th - PIR/MEA Conference
Tuesday, October 31st- Halloween 
Friday, November 17th- Sunday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Break 
Wednesday, December 20th-  Monday, January 1st- Winter Break
Monday, January 15th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Friday, March 22nd – Sunday, March 31st– Spring Break
Thursday, April 4th- Last Day of Dance Classes
Snow Days- Will Notify for Cancellations

*Any of these days not accounted for in the  7 week Quarter schedule can be made up in any age/ level appropriate class 
*ONLY for ages 6 & up classes.

*I understand that I am responsible for making sure that there are sufficient funds in my checking account or credit card on the day scheduled for Electronic Funds Transfer. In the case that a payment is not made, returned for insufficient funds, or is late, I understand that a non-refundable fee of $40 will be billed to my account. The authorization is extended by me to the DEI and/or its authorized agents or firms engaged in the business of processing check and charge card debits. During the period of my enrollment, in the case that I am unable to attend classes at DEI for whatever reason, I understand that I will continue to be billed as agreed upon in this agreement until the Quarter is finished. I understand that no payments or fees are refundable and I must give the DEI notice of my intent to cancel before the current Quarter is up to avoid future charges.

No prorated refunds will be given for mid-quarter cancellations.

*Registration Fee: $30 (One Time)
*Single Class Drop-In Fee: $40
*Private Lesson Fee: $100 Per Hour (Will be charged upon approval.)
*Dual Private Lesson Fee: $75 *Each Person (Will be charged upon approval.)

*Classes without adequate enrollment will be combined or canceled.

All Tutu's & Tiara's and Micro Elements have a costume fee of $75- $85ALL levels of Lyrical/ Jazz, Lyrical/ Contemp., Jazz/ Funk, Int. Tumbling/ Pom/ Cheer,  Lil’ Hip Hopper’s/ Lil’ Tumblers, Beg. Tumbling, Creative Movement/ Tap, Beg./ Int. Tap, Int./ Adv. Tap, Beg. Ballet, and Int./ Adv. Ballet 9+ will have a Costume Fee of $75-$85for our yearly Spring Dance Showcase!

Costume Fee Due Date: TBD