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FALL 2021-2022

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REMINDER your Jackrabbit account will be charged upon registration for ALL Classes.

Number of Classes listed is accumulative per family 


Quarter Dates

All Payments will be Charged on the Quarter’s Start Date

Each Quarter accounts for Holiday Breaks

1st Quarter: Aug 24th – Oct 8th

2nd Quarter: Oct 12th– Dec 3th

3rd Quarter: Dec 7th- Feb 11th

4th Quarter: Feb 15th- April 8th 

***Potential Dance Showcase Dates: April 7th-10th, 2021***

*Only Students that Register after the 4th Week of the Quarter will be Prorated.

*Any Trial Class will be included in Quarterly Tuition upon Enrollment


*Registration Fee: $25 (Annually per family) 

*Single Class Drop-In Fee: $30 

*Private Lesson Fee: $100 per hour 

*Dual Private Lesson Fee: $75 (Each Person) 

*Classes without adequate enrollment will be cancelled

Fall Tuition Prices

(Number of Classes listed is accumulative per family) 

All Tutu's & Tiara's and Lil' Hip Hoppers & Creative Movement (Quarterly 7 weeks)

Forms of Payment

Option 1

*Automatic withdrawal on specified quarter dates using credit card or ACH.


Option 2

*Full year payment using either check or credit card will receive a 5% discount.

Costume Fees

All Tutu's & Tiara's, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Beg II/III Ballet and Beg./Int. Ballet Classes (All Levels) will have a Costume Fee of $65 for our yearly Spring Dance Showcase!

Costume Fees Due: TBD

*Classes without adequate enrollment will be cancelled

Non-Performance Classes:

  • Int./Adv. ½ Ballet 10+ 

  • Advanced ⅔ & ¾ Ballet 13+ 

  • Advanced ½ Turns & Tech 10+

  • Advanced ⅔ Turns & Tech 12+

  • Advanced ¾ Turns & Tech 13+ 

  • Creative Movement 3-5

No Classes Are Held On These Dates:

(Kalispell School District 5)

*We only close for these Holidays and Breaks!*

Monday, September. 7th - Labor Day

Thursday, October 15th - PIR/MEA Conference

Monday, November 23rd - Sunday, November 29th - Thanksgiving Break 

Friday, December 11th - Sunday, January 3rd - Holiday Break

Monday, January 18th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 

Friday, March 19th – Sunday, March 28th – Spring Break

Thursday, April 1st- Last Day of Dance Classes

Snow Days- Will Notify for Cancellations

Payment Policy

*I understand that I am responsible for making sure that there are sufficient funds in my checking account or credit card on the day scheduled for Electronic Funds Transfer. In the case that a payment is not made, returned for insufficient funds, or is late, I understand that a non-refundable fee of $40 will be billed to my account. The authorization is extended by me to the DEI and/or its authorized agents or firms engaged in the business of processing check and charge card debits. During the period of my enrollment, in the case that I am unable to attend classes at DEI for whatever reason, I understand that I will continue to be billed as agreed upon in this agreement until the Quarter is finished.   I understand that no payments or fees are refundable and I must give the DEI  notice of my intent to cancel before the current Quarter is up to avoid  future charges. No pro-rated refunds will be given for mid-quarter cancellations.