Denver, CO Jan. 19-21

Vancouver, WA March 16-18

Seattle, WA May 4-6

Las Vegas, NV May 11-13


Dance Conventions are open to ALL Dance Elements Students! These events are a great tool for young dancers who are planning on progressing with their skills in all styles! However, families must make their own arrangements to sign-up and travel for all of these events.

*Please go to websites for more info!*

Monsters of Hip Hop:

Denver, CO Nov. 3-5

Vancouver, WA Jan. 5-7

Las Vegas, NV A-List Feb. 9-11

Vancouver, WA A-List May 11-13


Tacoma, WA Oct. 6-8

Las Vegas, NV Jan. 12-14

Denver, CO March 23-25,

Portland, OR April 23-25


Las Vegas, NV Dec. 1-3

Westminster, CO March 2-4

Portland, OR March 9-11


Calgary, AB Oct. 27-29

Westminster, CO April 27-29


Denver, CO Jan 26-28

Billings, MT Feb. 23-25

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